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The BM1387 ASIC Chip

The world’s first bitcoin mining ASIC based on the 16nm process node

Bitmain’s BM1387 chip is built using TSMC’s 16nm FinFET technology and, delivering a record-breaking 0.098 J/GHs, is the world’s most efficient bitcoin mining chip in the consumer market.

Each Antminer S9 employs 189 such chips to deliver more hashrate and efficiency than any bitcoin miner ever made.


 蚂蚁矿机(AntMiner)S9是比特大陆发布的一款比特币挖矿机,该矿机采用比特大陆自主研发的的最新一代比特币挖矿机芯片BM1387,算力11.85 TH,功率1172瓦。



S$3,800.00 Regular Price
S$3,610.00Sale Price
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