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After submit, our OTC dealer will contact you soon ,give you exactly how much you need to pay (if you are buyer) and how much you can get(if you are seller)

Mortage means you can send coin to us ( custody here) to get maxium 80% cash back only pay 12% annual loan interest while you need cash but don't wanna lost your position to miss the opportunity. After refunded you get coin back immediately.

Earn Interest means you can send coin to us to get 10% annual coin-based interest rate (*ZUE current can earn 20% interest)

For example, If you send 10000 ETH to us ,you can get back 11000 ETH in one year .

(*For 10000 ZUE you can get back 12000 ZUE in total in one year Promotion period from 1st Apr to 31 July 2019)

Thanks for submitting!

Friendly UI , multi indicators, Backtest,Real trading. Easy link to Bitfinex Poloniex - Crypto Asset Exchange.

NY8.CO Quantitative trading China Server


Download NY8.CO app to win luck draw!

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